We are insured with one of the State Fundís safety groups. They review our policies. Why do we need your services?

In fact, a large percent of the savings we facilitated were for safety group policyholders.

We are already getting a discount from our carrier. What more is there for you to do?

Your workers compensation policy is multi-faceted. In addition to the discount, there are various other issues; such as, modifiers, classifications, pap credits, territory differential, as well as overcharges and fraudulent claims and reserves, which need to be taken into account. Though you are receiving a discount, your carrier may be overlooking some other issues.

Do you provide this service as a door opener to sell us insurance?

No, we are not insurance brokers/agents; we donít sell any insurance products.

Iím busy running my business and really donít have extra time for this, how much of my time will I need to set aside to obtain these credits?

In most cases, there will be minimum time required from you. The work will be handled by our professional and experienced staff.

How far back can you change our policies and facilitate refunds?

That depends on the error we find, it ranges from one to seven years.

Bottom Line: What kind of premium savings are you talking about?

Savings can be as much as 40% of the annual Workersí Compensation premiums.