Our Process

• • •
Our process is all managed and executed in-house by our licensed workers compensation refund professionals. All you need to do is give us the authorization to work on your behalf and accept the refunds we secure for you!


We will supply you with authorization forms that we need you to sign including:

-Authorization to the insurance carrier to allow us to review your policy information pertaining to our recovery work
-Authorization to the Compensation Rating Bureau or NCCI to authorize us to review their information related to the class code and experience modification issues
-A copy of your current workers compensation policy


Once authorized, we will dig into your workers compensation payments history. We will:

-Review your policy class codes based on the details of your operation
-Search for all possible discounts and deductions that were not properly applied in the past
-Ensure the insurance companies have not been over charging for premiums


We will supply you with a detailed report on all of our findings:

-Where you have been over charged
-IF and which class codes were incorrectly applied
-What discounts and deductions should have been applied to your current and past policies


We will correspond :

with your insurance company and/or with the Compensation Rating Board or NCCI to process the adjustments due to your business!

Contact us today to claim your refunds!