Experience Modification Factor: Reducing Workers Compensation Premiums

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In most states, every workers compensation policy that generated average $5,000- $10,000 annual premium in the past 2 -3 policy periods will be issued a mandatory “experience modification factor”,  generated based on your company claims and payroll history.

Experience modifications are a factor that modifies a company’s annual workers compensation premium based on your own experience, the factor can be a credit, such as .85, which is a 15% credit, or a debit, such as 1.15, which is a 15% surcharge.  NCCI or individual State’s Workers Compensation Rating Board’s govern the experience modification rules and calculations.  Each insurance company offering a policy within the State is required to apply the published experience modification factor assigned to its policy holder.   

The experience used are generally based on 3 years of your experience, your audited payroll by class codes and claims for each year is the primary basis of your experience modification calculation. The claims are valued at a specific date and include the actual sum paid on closed claims and on estimates reserves on open claims.

The 3 year periods to be included in your experience modification are for the 3 years proceeding your last policy expiration, for example, if your policy effective date is 1/1/18, your experience period will include 1/1/16-17, 1/1/15-16, 1/1/14-15.

If your experience modification was calculated based on an open $100,000 reserve claim which ultimately closes with total payouts of only $50,000 your experience modification will not be adjusted, however, there are few complicated exceptions when an experience modification can be adjusted and recalculated, resulting in premium reduction/ credit. 

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